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The tale of Hippie Trap has its origins at Camp Bisco in 2013, where Guitarist/Producer Ryan Muldoon was sent into a trance induced by a portal that appeared in a magical blanket laid out during a Biscuits Saturday night set.  He traveled to a place that he could only describe as "far out, man" when asked about it. 

The entire festival experience had such a profound affect on him he was called to begin Hippie Trap to follow his dreams of playing all the music festivals-hoping to one day give back the beauty, love, joy, freedom and connection he experienced. 

In 2014 while living in Nashville, he went to work crafting his sound and learning about how to use Ableton.  Being a devoted guitarist since he was 10 -  writing music and playing in bands through high school and college gave him a solid base of knowledge, but the world of electronic music was a completely new territory, despite having an audio production degree from MTSU under his belt.  Later that year he would put out "Feed the Light" a 3 song EP of what would become his signature chunky riffs, thick bass, and dance rhythms. 

After a short stint in Los Angeles in 2015, Hippie Trap returned to his roots in New Jersey to reconnect with himself, his soul, and his purpose - raising the world up higher with good vibrations.  After some more years of building his unique sound, Hippie Trap put out his first self-released full album in February 2019 "The Psychedelic Happenin'" - a story of a young man's first psychedelic experience on the surface, but on a deeper level, a man's journey to discover his soul.  The album impressed and he landed a slot at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ.

Now in the summer 2020, coming off a string of successful live streams in the spring, Hippie Trap released  volume 1 of 3 in a series called "The Late Night Edition".  Each volume will feature a couple songs ranging from funky to heavy but always tied together with six strings of love.

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